Friday, 5 October 2012

Tips When Buying Wood Burning Stoves

More and more people are becoming turning to cast iron wood burning stoves to heat their homes. Are you the one among them? Fuels, for example, firewood has been growing in popularity as a carbon neutral heating solutions.

However, what do you need to know when looking for a new wood stove? Here're some tips.

Generally speaking, there are two major factors that will influence your options of stove. One is the type of stove, while the style or appearance of stoves is a less important. You can choose from the wood burning stove, solid stoves, multifuel stoves, gas stoves, electric stoves. Wood as a fuel is green, sustainable, renewable, and if burnt cleanly can be 100% carbon neutral, as it gives off as much carbon dioxide when burnt as it absorbed during the lifetime of the tree.

The other major factor, heat output. The heat output of a stove is measured in Kilowatt Hours (kwh). There are small wood stoves, medium wood burning stoves and large wood stoves. Pick a stove with too low an output and it will be hard to heat your room. Too high an output and your room may get uncomfortably hot. So what should you do? All these can be changed depend upon whether your house is well insulated or not. In addition, you should also consider the age of the house.

What do you want your stove to do? Heating a room or simly supplying hot water have always been options, however more and more human being see wood burning stoves as a lifestyle option as well. So be clear in your mind that your finally usage you wannt your stove to do.

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