Tuesday, 27 November 2012

7.5kw Traditional Multifuel Wood Burning Sunrain 10 Stove

This 7.5kw cast iron sunrain stove is a medium traditionally styled multi fuel burner. It gives out 7.5kw heat. The German heat-resistant Schott glass gives clear view of fire and resistant to elevated heat. High-tech firebox design for complete combustion, more heat and more efficient burn times. This stove is ideal for heating any medium size house with ease.

  • Durable thick Cast iron construction makes the stove keep warm for a very long time
  • Popular BOW Pattern
  • Multi fuel (suitable for wood/coal burning only)
  • Slow combustion enables overnight burning
  • Air wash system to make glass clean and secondary burn.
  • GERMANY Schott heat resistant glass with the maximum fireproofing temperature of 1200 Centigrade.
  • Heat-resistant paint with an ability of 800 degree Centigrade High Temperature Resistance. 
  • Effective seal prevents smoke leaking.
  • Built-in ash pan for easy removal of ashes.
  • Adjustable air damper to control air flow
  • Optional top/rear flue outlet (5")
  • CE Approved ( Safety Standard EN13240)
  • Free Shipping to UK mainland
  • Necessary ash hooks and some other accessories for convenient use.
  • Contents:
  • 1x cast iron wood burning stove
  • 1x chimney cover
  • 1x Ash pan
  • Multi fuel grate
  • Ash pan tool /hook
  • Manual
  • Top or rear flue connector (for 5 inch diameter flue, but  flue is not included)

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wood Burners Are What You Are Looking For in Cold Days

Are you attempting to live an eco-pleasant existence? If you're looking for a green heating means which will hold you snug during the winter months without damaging the surroundings, then wood burners are just the one you're seeking.

Nowadays, wood stoves offer a large variety of styles and designs to suit any home style, from a Victorian house to a steel loft condo. Painted black, brushed steel or even red, with stovepipe to match, wood stoves with generous glass doors let you admire the dancing flames with your family members during the cold winter season. Traditional freestanding wood burning stove are generally used for more practical purposes, namely, for heating and even cooking. However, today stove not only become a heating appliance, but also a decoration, a fashion. Due to new designs, wood burning stove will look attractive and still remain perfectly functional. While traditional fireplaces generally work as a piece of decor.

Wood stoves can be installed in any room of your house, however most often they are placed in living or dining rooms.

Compared with chimineas, fire pits or fire bowls, log burning stoves are the safest, produces the most heat output from wood burned and will produce the least amount of smoke.

There are three primary advantages of using a log burner in the tent. The flue coming out the top, he flue coming part way up the tipi, and cutting a hole in the canvas, inserting a flushing and having the flue come out of the canvas. Of couse, you can also choose to use the fire bowl in your tent. As most individuals may knows that, selecting fire bowls is a great option to the open fire and allows you to have the tent fully carpeted inside. The Fire bowl will allow you to still maintain a 360 degree view of the fire which is essential for large gathering and enjoying the dance of the flames is vital to the enjoyment of the tent.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Stove Decoration for Christmas

Are you crazy about the decoration for Christmas, which is just around the corner.

Here're two articles about Christmas Decoration for wood stove.

I. Wood Stoves Decoration Ideas For Christmas


II. Decorate The Wood Stove for The Christmas Day