Friday, 30 September 2011

Why shopping online?

In many instances, shopping on the Internet is a quick and easy choice. Sometimes it enables you to do things that otherwise would be impossible for you, or can save you time, trouble and money -- lots of it.

There are some situations you can take shopping online into account as following:

The first situation, you know exactly what you want, and you want to get it over with -- with a minimum of hassle and time. For instance, you want to buy a wood stove before the cold winter’s coming. You don't want to spend an hour or more driving to a physical store and going through the usual routine there; and, if the stove model you want or like is out of stock at the first store you go to, you don't want to have to trek to another and another of multi burning stoves, or wait weeks for delivery.

Second situation, you need to buy something that is very expensive (a car or a house). You have to comparison shop because you aren't fabulously wealthy. But you'd like to do it as quickly and effectively as possible.

Third situation, you're curious. You don't have time to indulge your curiosity in the physical wood burning stoves world where it takes so long and costs so much to go from one place to another. On the Internet you can go from one side of the world to another with just a click of your mouse.
The last situation is, you can't get to the store for any reason, such as illness or taking care of a sick kid or age or bad weather or lack of transportation or lack of time or alien abduction.

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

A few factors to be considered while planning to buy a stove

If you are planning on purchasing a wood stove in this fall, or you want to replace the old wood burner at your home, here are a few factors to be considered while planning to buy a stove.

Buy quality. This will guarantee it is durable. Here, a quick way to find out if you are buying a durable wood burner or fireplace is to look at the material thickness and the overall weight of the product. Most wood stoves available today are quite decent - and, in effect, most are even better than that!

Buying a wood stove is not like buying a sports car where you look for small and light to give you better performance. A heavier built stove will indicate durable long lasting construction which is exactly what you want in a wood burning product.

Moreover, consider the stove materials, as most shoppers will soon discover, there are three popular stoves with various materials:
a. Steel stoves
b. Cast iron stoves
c. Soapstone stoves
Choose one you like and also in the range of your budget. Be aware that in the world of stoves, money spent DOES NOT equal longevity nor extra efficiency (in most cases). It is more comparable to the world of automobiles, where a budget car can last as long or longer than a top of the line model. When you spend more in the stove market, you are usually doing so for style and extra features such as enamel, top loading, larger glass area, blowers, etc.

The last factor I believe that you would consider, especially for women, that is the style of stoves for sale. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it also may be in the wallet! However, style is a major consideration in most stove purchases. The stove is being installed in a living space, and so becomes a piece of furniture that is seen by you, your family and your guests.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tips And Advice For Your Wood Stove

Nowadays., with home heating bills smoldering through the roof, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are contemplating a wood stove to help handle some or all of their home heating needs.

However, unfortunately, wood burning appliances still pose a danger if common sense safety precautions are ignored. It's important to follow a few simple tips and advice for your wood stove when building home fires. Here’s a quick look at some key steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of a fire.

Firstly, find a professional wood burning stoves installer to install. Few homeowners have the technical "know-how" to properly install a woodstove, inset stove or other wood burning appliance, and fewer still understand all of the pertinent building code requirements in their community. Furthermore, installation errors in a wood burning appliance rarely prevent it from "working." This can all too easily leave a homeowner with a false sense of security—until it’s too late.

Then, in your daily life, keep the stove or fireplace clean. A clogged chimney or a fireplace that is coated in residue will lead to a smoky and possibly dangerous fire. And keep the fire under control. Building a fire that is too large for your fireplace or wood stove is not only wasteful; it's also dangerous. As large fires can get out of control quickly and can also cause cracks in your chimney. Start with small logs and add to your fire gradually.

What’s more, shield your fire. Grates and screens placed across the front of the fire will prevent errant sparks from igniting your furniture at home or causing burns. And monitor your fire. Don't ever leave a fire burning without someone in attendance. The last but not least, burn only approved materials.

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Monday, 26 September 2011

How to find your ideal wood burning stove

Aga Little Wenlock Classic
wood stove in
When looking for a wood burner, you have to consider its style. Stoves take up space so you'll want them to fit in with your existing decor and color scheme.

Now in the market, you will have a wide range of styles to choose from including reproductions of the classic cast iron stoves of yesteryear and sleek modern designs using other metals and coated with veneers in a broad range of colors. You can choose the most modern, fashionable stoves with proper prices.

However, for how to find your ideal wood burning stove, the best way is to visit the online websites, which provide you lots of dealers and manufacturers where you can browse the illustrated details of stoves. You can email or phone for more information and after placing your order, you stove will be delivered to your door, a quite convenient shopping way.

When you are installing a wood stove in your home, you should pay attention on some things, bear in your mind.

Firstly, spend time on loading, lighting and tending your stove, not to mention cleaning, because wood stoves don't offer quite the same push button ease of operation that gas and oil powered systems do.

Secondly, wood burning stoves don't burn as cleanly as those using fossil fuels or gas, electricity stove though this depends to some extent on the grade of wood pellets you choose. At the same time, you need to check what grade of pellet your stove can handle. Multi fuel stoves and inserts can handle pellets along with those made from wheat, corn and other organic sources.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Help you heat your home efficiently by using wood burning stoves

There’s nothing such as the reassuring heat on a cold winter day from a wood burning stove. The actual cracking and snap of the wood the way it catches fire and the tranquilizing odor from the coffee pot simmering on the stovetop. stoves for sale bring to mind images of people gathered around the stove warming his or her hands after an exciting snowball fight.

Recently, wood stove has become far more efficient over the years and have developed in to a great item to heat your house. In this winter, do you own a wood stove at home?

Today, more and more wood stoves are springing up in the market. They are beautiful and effective if you selected and used correctly. There are some tips and suggestions to help you heat your home efficiently by using wood burning stoves.

First, the wood must be very carefully selected. The overall cost and heat production is something we should all concern. The dryer the wood, and the hotter the room. Therefore, you’d better use well seasoned hardwood such as, oak, maple, beech.

Second, start with a small fire to begin with this offer for your warm-up time chimney and the project successfully. As a major fire in a cold chimney will generate a lot of smoke and a lot of pressure put on the stove. Then, it is important to keep the wood stove to burn cleanly. Remove ashes frequently. This allows air to circulate within the home.

You can read more free information and money saving tips by visiting astove official blog.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wood stoves, heat your whole house

I remember that, as a kid, it is usually the first thing to warm around a fireplace early in the morning. Now I am living in the south, the winter's not so harsh and the summers are a bit longer. However, when I saw a picture of modern wood stove in of those awful plane magazines, it kind of brought me back to my childhood. Not so much because of the style of the stove but seeing the flames it seemed so inviting.

Sitting around the wood stove, listening to the cracking of wood, watching the dancing flames, it is such a cool, romantic thing.

Now, it is quite cold in my office. How I want a wood stove at present. But I am just imagining. Our company would not buy a stove in our office. It will take too much money on cast iron stoves if every room is installed one. Other colleagues say that, warm atmosphere in an office will make a person lazy. They mean that a terrible, bad atmosphere can prompt, motivate a person work more efficiently.

And later, I know that, log burning stoves give off a good amount of heat and depending on where you put them in your home; they can possible heat your whole house. If you put a wood burning stove by a cold air return and have the fan on your furnace going it should circulate the hot air throughout your house.

Thinking about purchasing a wood stove that is right for your dwelling? Some of the best and best-known hearth manufacturers make quality wood burning stoves. There are many factors to consider and quite enough products to pick from. Finding an excellent clean burning wood stove that meets your needs may require numerous digging.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why not a wood stove?

In the recent years, we are well aware of the gas and electricity prices shooting up. What does it means? Does it mean the gas and electricity stoves are out of date and are not favored by people? My answer is ‘yes’.
People begin to prefer the wood stove than gas or electricity stoves in order for the energy saving. This is one of reasons that wood burning stoves become so popular.

Maybe, some individual would say that, the wood stove really saves money for us, but burning firewood still releases CO2, what about the environment? Yes, however, once we purchase the wood stove, that means that we need more trees to provide us the woods for be burned. Therefore, we have to plant more trees. And each tree we plant will absorb the same amount released from burning the firewood.

Wood is renewable resource in the fact that we can plant more trees, so there is nothing wasted if we use the wood stove. Have you found that, this is a win-win.

Modern wood burner stoves are highly efficient, environmental friendly and whole lot cheaper to run comparing with your conventional heating system.

If giving me a chance to choose, I would choose the wood stoves without doubt, it has never been such an easier choice. If you’re a house maker in a large family, you can’t miss it. Make your house and every one’s heart warm at the same time. You can do it.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Ways Of Improving Old Wood Stoves’ Efficiency

When a wood burning stove become old and it can’t be more efficient than previous, what should you do? Most homeowners would concern this problem very much. In effect, you can find some ways to make your wood burning stoves more efficient to capture more heat from every piece of wood that is burned.

Here are some suggestions and tips for YOU.

Firstly, use a fan to circulate the heat. As we all known that, old wood-burning stoves just radiate heat into the area where they reside. If now, you use a fan, it can push the heat around the room, distributing the warm air to make the stove a much more efficient heating device. This is a good advice for you. You’d better to think over.

Secondly, burn hard woods instead of soft woods. Softwoods like pine take up the same amount of space as a hardwood like oak but burn faster.Moreover, burn seasoned dried firewood, because wet firewood uses its own heat to dry the wood and loses efficiency in the process.

Thirdly, keep the vents open to allow a cleaner and hotter burn. An ideal burn can be checked at the chimney. If there is a pillowing of smoke from the chimney, the burn is incomplete and you are wasting fuel and efficiency. A slight wisp of smoke or no smoke at all is a sign of a complete and hot, efficient burn.

Then, don't burn garbage, plastic or anything other than wood in an old wood stove. These items can dampen the flames, release a lot of ash and deposit creosote in the chimney.

Next, start the fire in the wood stove with small pieces of kindling.

I hope that these ways or suggestions can be helpful to improve the efficiency of wood stoves.

Friday, 16 September 2011

A Stove Problem

“I think the cost of stove is too high for my blood and the lack of installers in my area, however, I am really considering putting in multi burning stoves to my house.” A few days ago, I saw such a question on the internet.

And I also saw another question, “I've always wanted a stove. I'm looking at different methods and different locations of installation.”

For me, I have a stone fireplace and I've heard of folks using a wood stove inside with a heat-based fan to shoot some of the heat into the room, however, I still like to use the fireplace for decorative heat. I've also considered if it's possible to install a wood stove next to the fireplace and simply run the flue into the chimney. I don’t know whether this is legal, safe, or possible.

What I've seen my friend do in his house, he has a wood stove in the unfinished basement with a venting tile to the kitchen area directly above the wood stove. Then if I was to vent another portion of the house, the hot air from the wood stove will heat my basement, dry out the basement, Then I have an open vent somewhere else, the cold air will drop into the basement and I'll get this convection.

I think the basement idea is the way to go. If I was to put the stove in the basement, I'd simply run the flue through the upper foundation to the outside.

So the suggestion I gave two the persons above is to purchase a wood burner, which save you much fuel and is environmentally friendly.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The importance of wood burning stoves

Today, a number of fireplaces are available in the market from which you can pick out the most appropriate one for you. The most basic fireplaces are three, they are, wood burning, electric and gas fireplaces. Each type of fireplace has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the customers. However, when there is no electricity, you can’t use the electric fireplaces. And for the gas fireplaces, their cost is much high.

Therefore, after comparing with the gas and electric stoves, wood stove is relatively cheaper. It is the most common fireplace and extensively favored for various reasons. There is nothing in this world that could be a substitute for watching dancing flames, crackling sound of the wood and soothing aroma of wood burning. This is also another major cause of continuous demand of a wood burning fireplace. What a funny reason. I also think so. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly.

Moreover, it is another fact that wood burning fireplace needs most regular maintenance cleanliness and care. Even this extra work associated with the wood burning fireplace has not slowed down its growing demand because majority of users also enjoy building and maintaining fire as much as they enjoy watching the dancing flames of the fire.

wood burning stoves may keep you warm and cozy in the shivering cold of winter, but they may also be hazardous to your health, especially if you have certain health conditions that place you among those in a high risk group. So be careful when you’re using it.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Energy saving create an efficient home

Saving energy in your home does not always require a planned project. There are numerous steps you can take right now to help to improve the efficiency of your home, especially the stove efficiency. I think that these are good for the homeowners. Some of these tips may seem ridiculously simple, but every bit of energy saved helps. Give them a try, and you may be pleasantly surprised when your next utility bill comes.

For the stove, black wood burning stoves conduct the most heat. Shiny stoves look good but have less efficiency. You also should know that, the more the stovepipe is kept inside, the greater the heat radiates into the home, increasing the overall stove effectiveness. And newer pellet stoves burn more efficiently with processed wood pellets that enter the combustion chamber automatically through electronic controls. While steady, these pellet stoves shut off during power outages.

Moreover, when we are using wood stove, we should care about ours safety. Wood stoves radiate heat that can cause fires. They also launch sparks and cinders that can ignite fires. Furthermore, hot ashes can also fall out of the chimney and cause a fire. However, most wood stoves have built-in safety features and installation considerations that prevent these problems. Radiation shields can prevent heat from scorching nearby objects.

In addition, there is another recommendation of energy savings, that is, use your microwave instead of the stove, which many homemakers said. They pointed that, if you need to boil water, use your microwave instead of a stove top burner. The microwave is much more efficient and does not waste energy as ambient heat. If you need warm water, try running it from the tap until it is hot enough. If you still need warmer water you can then put the tap water in the microwave. The microwave is also more efficient for heating food. Right, at once, one of my friends said that, he ever boiled the instant noodles in the microwave. Yes, microwave make almost none of its energy is wasted. So try to use it as much as possible.

Friday, 9 September 2011

We can’t live without stoves

I can remember that, when our parents built our house, they decided not to put a furnace in. Without a furnace, we wouldn't need to put in duct work (we don't have central air either) which would save money with building expenses, all of us think.

However, now, we change our original thought. Heating with wood would also save quite a bit on heating bills. So we make a research and purchased a wood burner a month ago. It sits right in the middle of the house to help the heat be evenly distributed. Moreover, in order to move heat around well, we install some ceiling fans in the living room, kitchen, and 3 bedrooms to help move heat around as well.

At current, our wood stove does a great job heating the house. In fact, I am usually cold when I go visit other people's houses in the winter.

Large wood stoves can heat over 2000 square feet with no problem. I did some research, checked out several websites and made a list of some well-praised wood burning stoves you will want to look at.

The first one if Oxford wood stove. This stove has optional top or rear flue exits and is supplied with a 5" diameter flue connector. A multi-fuel grate, ash pan tool and user manual are also supplied with the stove. This powerful unit has a modern look combined with the latest Wood Burning Technology. The max output is 6.5kw. It is fitted with German made "SCHOTT" brand high temperature glass.

The second is the Coseyfire View wood burning stoves. Its efficiency can reach to 73% and an airwash system. Moreover, multi-fuel riddling grate include for the burning of coal and wood.

Finally, if you are interested, you can have a look.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

What Is a Buck Stove?

Have you ever heard of the buck stove? This is my first time of hearing this name, so I surf the internet. I know that, at the present, a common term for stoves made by the Buck Stove Company of Spruce Pine, NC, the original Buck Stove was an developed and improved wood fired cook stove patented by Darius Buck in 1839. The Buck Stove was the focal point of a hotly contested patent rights case. The case was complicated by the assertion that the Buck Stove was actually based on the inventions of Solomon Crowell.

Do you have buck stove at your home? I learn from the internet that, the Buck Wood Stove is designed to heat your home comfortably either as a primary heat source or a supplementary heat source, depending upon the type of stove and the size house you have. There are many various types in stoves, however the main operation for all of them is the same.
Here, if you want to operate your wood burning stoves at its highest efficiency for safety as well as comfort, you can have a view on these things.

1. Have a check your wood stove before building a fire to make sure there is a good smoke escape.

2. Twist up two or three pieces of newspaper and place them on the floor of the fire chamber, after you have decided that there are no preventers to the airflow in the chimney.

3. Strike a match and light the newspaper at both sides and in the middle for an even burn.

4. Add larger pieces of firewood that are closer to 6 inches in diameter on top of the bed of glowing coals before they have a chance to cool down.

5. Feed the fire as the wood burns.

6. Turn on the room air blower, if so equipped, when the fire is steadily burning to distribute the heat more efficiently.

Moreover, there are others you should pay attention. If you’d like, you can search and you will get more articles on safety and efficiency of stoves.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Be careful of wood stoves’ dangers

With the increasing cost of home heating, more and more energy conscious homeowners are considering installing wood stoves at homes. However, there is an issue here that an undesirable result has been a corresponding increase in the number of wood stove and chimney fires. Therefore, more and more homeowners pay much attention to the safety of wood stoves they purchased.

We all don’t want to make our home be damaged due to the fire at home. So to reduce the chances of having a fire in your home, we should follow on proper selection, installation, maintenance and operation of a wood stove.
1. Selection and Installation
Well, to protect your family and property, this equipment must be installed and operated properly.

2. Know Your Wood Stove
The proper and timely maintenance of your wood stove can reduce the possibility of a fire. The following points concerning your stove pipe and chimney should be carefully checked during the initial set up and maintenance of the stove.

3. After Installation
After installation, a pot of water should be kept on the wood stove when the stove is in use. Wood heat is a very dry heat and the water will help keep the air moist. This is especially important to help keep children's skin from drying out during the heating season.

At home, the most safety we concern is the children’s safety, because children are fascinated with fire. Once you install a stove, you should discuss with them the dangers.

For older children, they can help with wood stove chores, such as bringing in firewood or pellets. They can also help sweep up the area or engage younger children while the parent is occupied with the stove. Other chores, such as loading the stove or emptying the ash pan is best left to older teenagers or adults.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Tips for camping stoves

This is my first time to hear of the camping stoves. And I surfed on the internet, what is the camping stove? There are several different types of stoves for camping, coming in all different shapes and sizes and powered by different fuels, such the gas fuel stove, mountain stove, family camping stove, backpacking stove, etc.

For camping equipments to last long, they should be handled well. And you’d better choose the multi-fuel stoves.However, I prefer the wood stove. For the family camping stoves, they have to be safe and easy to use. The weight of the stove is not usually an issue as these are more the kinds of stove you would only transport by car. A family stove will usually be powered by a larger gas canister than the mountain or backpacker equivalents and the design will quite often follow the form of a normal domestic hob. Quite often, these types of stove will come with a grill attachment, the aim of them being functionality.

By taking care of your stove, you are guaranteed to enjoy campfires and cookouts for a long time. Here, there are some maintenance tips for your camping stoves, which help your camping stove guarantee to last.

Well, before using your stove, be sure that you have read the user's manual from start to finish. We usually ignore manuals and prefer to assemble equipments by themselves. However, most of time, not reading user's manuals could lead to improper usage and incorrect assembly of equipments. By following the correct procedures in setting up and using the stove, you will be able to operate the equipment fully and properly.

When I was in my junior school, I usually do these things like this and damage too many goods.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Various types of stoves

A stove is also a great alternative to a fireplace and can act as a space heater. When you need a stove, which one would you prefer, a wood burner or multi fuel stove? If you have a plentiful supply of seasoned wood you may just need to purchase a wood burner. However, if you want to supplement that supply by burning the odd bag of coal you can have an option for a multi fuel stove. Why?

When you’re considering the environment, you can choose the wood stove, which is more environmentally friendly but is limited to burning wood, while a multi fuel stove is environmentally friendly when you only burn wood but you also have the option of burning a bit of coal.

Here, we know about the wood stove and multi-fuel stove. In a word, a wood stove is a freestanding appliance that is used to contain a fire with a wood within the home. It is designed to allow enough air to keep the fire burning evenly and may have an igniter which is similar to traditional fireplaces. A multi-fuel allows you to use coal when your wood is not enough.

And there is another stove, called, pellet stove. A pellet stove is design to burn small pill-shaped fuel made from wood byproducts. These pellets look a lot like rabbit food. A pellet stove is heats evenly, but lets off little exhaust. They have become preferable for their environmentally friendly fuel and efficiency.

When you are buying a stove, you maybe pay attention on the function of reducing the heating costs or add ambiance to your home may be confused about the difference between different types of stoves. Nowadays, stoves come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can be chosen to match just about any decor. You can select a suitable on

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Suggestions before purchasing a stove

There are two main different usages of a stove, heating rooms and cooking foods.

Buying a certified stove completely reduces the chances of your chimney catching fire. On usual time, try to keep the chimney clean, over the years the chimney will accumulate creosote and this can cause a fire if not cleaned frequently. In addition, the chimney must be checked for an excess of soot deposited on its inside. Every pot belly stove has a chimney that is attached to let the smoke out.

Well, there is a suggestion for you if you are deciding to buy a stove. Your stove must be capable of operating with alternate fuels in case if there is a shortage of a particular fuel. So, it would be a wise decision to choose multi fuel stoves that can operate with different fuels efficiently. As the name of it implies, multi fuel stove can operate with different fuels such as wood, coal and peat, we call it wood stove, coal stove, and peat stove. Wood stove comes with a nice feature that catches the ashes it is called the ash drawer. With its fine design and elegance, a contemporary wood stove is sure to add various styles and class to any room. Wood stoves were used in ancient America for many household and general purposes. Therefore, when you are choosing a stove, you should be clear about the usage you want it.

If you just want it for cooking, you should consider the output of the stove, because it have a directly influence on your cooking process, and output provides more output.

Except the purpose of the stove you should consider before purchasing a stove, another factor you can’t forget is the fuel consumption. Make sure that the stove you select consumes less fuel.