Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How To Clean The Rust Of a Cast Iron Stove?

Stoves from Astove fulfill the basic need for heat. Rust, however, is not only an eyesore that ruins the stove's appearance, it's also capable of deteriorating the stove to the point where it is no longer usable. As known to all, being made of iron means that any object made from it is more prone to rust, especially when the cast iron stove comes into contact with moisture. Therefore, it becomes quite important that removing rust from cast iron, which is a farily basic chore that can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. as well. How to clean the rust of a cast iron stove?

1. First and foremost, use soapy water to wash cast iron body, pots and pans. As, the stove must be clean in order to see exactly where it's rusted. And let the item dry.

2. Secondly, scrape the rust off. Use a wire brush or rust remover to scrape off the rust down to the bare metal. For small areas of rust on the stove, use a wire brush, steel wool or a scrubbing pad. For larger rust stains on the stove or for stubborn stains, use a commercial rust remover. Even though it is extremely effective in cleaning away rust, but also toxic because of the strong acids. So be careful. Don't forget to buy some heat-proof paint, rubber gloves and dust mask if you don't have any. (Certainly, wire brush and rust remover is also good for removing the surface rust that forms on other cast iron furniture.)

3. Clean away any remnants of the rust remover with some old rags.

4. Then, prime and repaint. Apply a primer and rust-resistant paint to repair the furniture.

5. Finally, apply wax. The wax protects your cast iron cookware from moisture.

6. Apply heat-proof paint in order to prevent future corrosion.

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