Monday, 14 November 2011

Wood Stove Instructions

A wood burning stove is one of the best ways to heat the home without using non-renewable fossil fuels. However, when choosing a right wood stove for your home, make sure it is an EPA-certified model. Because wood burning stoves approved by the EPA burn cleaner as well as more efficiently.

Moreover, when you begin using your wood burner, never burn any waste or used oil in your chimney as this may clog the chimney. Always make sure the wood you are using is fresh and make sure the wood has been properly seasoned before burning it in your wood burning stoves.

In addition, there are other tips for you during your operation.

1. Open the draft for the small stove from the bottom. If the chimney flue is still in place, open it all the way.

2. Crumble the newspaper into loose balls and place on a 1-inch bed of ashes. Then place a handful of kindling on top of the crumbled paper. Next, light the newspaper with a match or fireplace lighter.

3. Monitor the burning of the kindling, add more until there is a small bed of burning coals.

4. Add mid-sized pieces of wood on top of the burning kindling.

finally, a piece of advice for you, if you have a fire going, make sure it is burning well and not smoldering. If there is excessive smoke, put out the fire as it is dangerous for the health if it escapes inset stoves. Furthermore, please make sure the flue is open before starting fire. NEVER remove hot ashes or partially burned loges. Please leave the ashes in the fireplace even if you are sure they are cold. It's easier to build a fire with a bed of ashes.

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