Monday, 3 December 2012

4.9kw DEFRA Approved Multi Fuel Inset Stove

4.9kw Multifuel Wood Burning Inset Stove

This max-output 4.9kw cast iron multifuel stove is DEFRA approved for smoke control areas. Made of quality thick cast iron, it is can burning solid fuels (log, coal and anthracite). This Defra approved stove is perfect for warming your small sized room or just being one of nice features in your house.


  • Durable thick cast iron construction stores and radiates heat steadily.
  • Slow combustion enables overnight burning (over 10 hours buning will one fill ) and second burning.
  • Air wash system keeps front ceramic glass clean and clear.
  • Built in removable ash pan is convenient and neat
  • Convenient top and rear flue (5 inch/127mm)
  • Defra Approved for smoke control areas.
  • Real fire brick lining, heat- resistant window glass and cool-touch door handles
  • Free Shipping to UK mainland
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