Friday, 21 December 2012

CE Approved, UL Approved & Defra Approved Stoves

Today, let's discuss about three approval stoves, they are CE approved, UL approved & Defra approved stoves. To know more about it, reading following article.

CE approval or CE mark on stove demonstrate that this stove has cleared the tests of operational safety and effectiveness and heat exhaust both are tested independently. Nearly all the countries in Europe require CE approval for most of the log burners in homes and industries. CE approval is clearly affirmed by the maker or their officially authorised delegate that. In their view, the appliance has passed all the necessities of the regulations including significant compliance evaluation procedures.

At the meanwhile, there's UL approval. UL is a non-government, non-profit organization that tests and certifies products for safety. Manufacturers are not required to submit their products for testing. However, some municipalities require that only electrical or heating components that are UL approved be used in their areas.

Do you know about the UL-approved wood stove? UL-approved stoves generally will feature a sheet metal, welded steel or cast-iron fire box that may be lined with firebrick. And sheet metal stoves are the least expensive, but they burn out quickly after frequent use. Welded steel stoves last longer than the previous sheet metal, however they take longer to heat up because of their thicker construction. For cast iron stove, it is the most dear alternative for wood burner stoves. As we all known that, cast iron stove has long life, do not warp and have an classic appeal.

And you should heard of the Defra Approval except for the CE approval. DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, is a department in the United Kingdom and it regulates the smoke emission in the air. Its role is very significant and vital because it approves various types of cast iron stoves and heating equipment.

No matter which approval stove you purchase, don't worry about it.

More information related to Defra approved stoves here:

What Is a Defra Approved Stove?


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