Friday, 21 October 2011

Factors you can’t ignore before buying a stove

When you’re planning to buy a stove, there are lots of factors you should take into account. Such as these questions, you get what you pay for? What sort of look do you want? What do you want the stove for? Should you choose multi-fuel or wood burning stoves? Cast iron or steel?

Firstly, you get what you pay for with a stove. There are some bargains to be had however, generally speaking, the more you pay, the better the stove. And lots of human being will hold this view. Do you agree with this or are you this kind of persons I am talking? However, even this, this sentence always will make a huge difference. When you set a fixed budget for your wood stove, bear in mind that, you are also likely to need to spend out on flue pipe and possibly flue liner and insulation, which all these items often come to as much as the cost of the stove.

Then, what sort of look do you want? How are you planning on using the stove? Full time heat source? Or just occasionally to get the chill out?
Whether you want gas, electric, or a combination, multi fuel burners.

Besides things above, you should consider, whether the stove is easy of operation, and what heat output is.
1. How many square feet are you looking to heat?
2. much room to you have to install the stove?
3. Looks.... what style is your home? There are wood stoves for every type of decor!

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