Friday, 14 October 2011

Wood stove sees me growing

Even now, I can clearly remember as a kid warming up to a fireplace at night and early in the morning. Now living in the south, the winter's so harsh and the summers are a bit longer. So we seldom use the burning stoves. Even this, there is still a multi fuel stove in the house I live.

I seemly have a special affection on the wood burner. Every time when I saw a picture of modern wood stove in of plane magazines, it brought me back to my childhood. It is not due to its style, but dancing flames of inset stove. I think that, maybe, I’ve treat it as one of friends. Because besides my parents, and my brothers, it is the “only person” that sees me growing. Wood stove sees me growing.

In the harsh winter, do you use the stove, the wood stove, gas stove, electricity stove or the multi fuel stoves? For me, I love the wood burning stoves. On my usual time, I will sit around the stove to watch TV program or do my homework. This reminds me that when I was a child in primary or junior school, it is quite cold. And my grandma will fire a lighter in cast iron fireplaces. Due to the small size and moveable function, grandmother often move the fireplace beside me as she worries about that I’m fearful the coldness.

I love wood fireplace. It’s like a friend in my life.

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