Sunday, 9 October 2011

Three various types of wood stove/fireplace

For a homeowner, you should know clearly about your furniture, home heating appliances, even everything at home. You should know where your children’s bag, slippers, your husband’s wallet, briefcase is. I think that this is every housewife should know. And I also think that this is his or her duties.

For the heating appliance maybe be used in the kitchen, there are actually 3 various types of wood stove/fireplace you should be clear before you plan to purchase it.

1. Simple wood stove of cast iron stoves on a heat resistant hearth with a pipe out the back or top for smoke. They are getting pretty complicated now to keep the particle matter out of the air. The most efficient use of wood for heating a house.

2. A fireplace, usually of brick, is usually built as part of the house when the house was built. They can have just screens to keep sparks out of the room or they can have glass doors to keep all the warm air in the room for going up the chimney. At this time, you can have purchase an inset stove and install it into the fireplace. This is the least efficient use of wood and the poorest to heat even the room it is located in. however, if you didn’t have a handy fireplace, you can consider buying a free standing wood stove and then hire a professional installer to help you install.

3. A fireplace insert is a wood burning stoves that is built to slide into the fireplace. It is all metal and is just as efficient as a free standing wood stove but it can be hard to find an insert for some fireplaces. Also because they must fit into the existing fireplace they frequently are too small to efficiently heat the whole house.

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