Monday, 24 October 2011

Steps Of Installing Wood Stove Seal

Do you have a seal on your wood stove? First of all, what is the wood stove seal?

Wood stoves have an opening sealed with gasket, which is a pliable material that allows the stove door to create a tight seal once closed. Fireproof fiberglass gaskets are used around the doors and/or glass windows of your wood stove to help assure optimal burning by stopping air leaks into your stove. So installed gasket (we also call it seal) properly will largely improve burn times on wood stoves and help keep stove glass cleaner.

Moreover, another thing you should also pay attention is, the gasket can become worn out, which will make your inset stove ineffective or inefficient in keeping the fire inside hot. Therefore, when maintaining a wood stove, it is important to replace the gasket or the seal so that your stove is working at its maximum capacity.

Do you know how to install seals or gaskets of multi burning stoves?

First, to choose the diameter for replacement, measure the channel into which the gasket will be installed, or measure the existing gasket for best replacement size.

And then remove old gasket material.

Thoroughly clean away all the old adhesive.

Spread gasket cement around the interior of the door where the seal will be applied. Be careful not to get the cement outside of the seal area.

Press the seal into the gasket cement, starting in one corner and working your way around.

Clean up any gasket cement that seeps out from under the seal with a clean cloth.

Place the door into the hinges and replace the hinge pins. And close the door and make sure the seal is snug and airtight.

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