Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pros And Cons Of Efficient Wood Stoves

What is an efficient wood stove? Efficient wood burning stoves are the only heating device that burn wood and tire out smoke through the chimney flue pipe. One benefit of an efficient wood burner is that they generate less pollution in comparison to old fashioned wood stoves. Here, I list other benefits of efficient wood stove, at the meanwhile, disadvantages as well.

Pros of efficient wood stoves

1) Efficient wood stoves are eco-friendly in nature and cause a little pollution

2) Efficient inset stoves have an ability or power to warm up an entire home.

3) Wood pellet stoves need an electric power to operate but this is not in case of efficient wood stoves, they can be used without electricity.

4) Be apart from for the catalytic combustor, the other parts of a efficient wood stove usually don't fail or need replacing.

5) Environmental protection agency states that, compared to conventional stoves efficient wood stoves uses a 1/3 less firewood. This will save a homeowners transportation time and firewood cost.

Cons of efficient wood stoves

Before installing an efficient small stove, don't forget to consider their disadvantages.

1) Efficient wood stoves always are installed by the specialist because of safety reasons. In addition, they must be maintained and cleaned up by chimney sweep.

2) You have to buy, stored and carry a wood fuel if you want to use the wood stove.

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