Monday, 7 November 2011

Stove Fire Precaution

When you first learn to use a wood stove to heat your house, it seems tricky to light it. You have to follow some tips when lighting a stove. However, once you get the swing of it, you will find that is really is quite easy and can be accomplished with a few simple steps.

Here is how to light fire in stove:

1. Open the top and bottom air controls fully.

2. Place rolled up and scrunched up newspaper at the back of the wood burner. Put small tinder on top of the newspaper and then a few slightly larger pieces of wood on top of this. Next, light the newspaper and close the door.

3. Let the fire burn until all the pieces of wood are alight and burning. Then add more and larger pieces of wood or logs.

Moreover, you also should abide by these tips during this process.

When burning wood, once the fire is established at the bottom, air control can be closed so that all the air for the fire comes through the top air control. The bottom air control should normally remain closed once the small stove is running. But if the fire has been allowed to die too low, then the bottom air control can be opened to allow air to the base of the fire in an attempt to revive it. When burning coal and other solid fuels: use of the primary air is necessary.

Another point you should be pay attention is, do not run inset stoves with doors open. It may cause the house fire.

When you’re going to add woods for burning stove, stove gloves should be used as handle becomes hot when the stove is in use. In addition, never use wood burning stoves without firebricks in place - they protect the steel from oxidation.

Hope these tips may do helps for you, especially for stove green hands.

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