Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How Long Could A Stove Burn?

Do you care about the burn time of your stove? Some stove can burn over night, some only can burn few hours. How long does your stove last?

How long of burn time can I expect from one burn period, before filling the stove with more coal?

Therefore, what are these factors that affect burning time of inset stoves on earth? There are a lot of variables that can affect the burn time of the unit. These variables include the exterior weather conditions, room temperature desired, draft of the chimney, as well as many other conditions. Results may vary, but the average burn time between loads ranges from 8- 24 hours. These burn times may exceed the averages, according to various situations.

Maximum estimated wood stove burn time. Burn time depends on wood species and moisture content, and on how much heat is needed during the burn. How long will a given stove burn on a single load of wood? The only reasonable answer is: It depends.

Here is a piece of advice for you. You can consider buying a catalytic stove. One advantage of catalytic wood burning stoves is that the good ones can deliver a lower burn rate over a longer period than non-catalytic wood stoves and yet still burn clean. No things are perfect. So the disadvantage of these long burn times is that the door glass tends to get dirty at very low firing rates. If you don’t mind dirty and you’re also willing to do the cleaning, you can buy a catalytic wood burner.

In other words, a stove that has a claimed burn time of ten hours may not be better or more convenient to use than one that delivers an eight hour burn.

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