Thursday, 3 November 2011

Specifications Of Wood Stoves

Recently, I saw lots of questions on yahoo about installation of wood stove. Some individuals don’t know how to install a newly-bought wood stove. Some want to install it by themselves.

Here are some specifications of installing inset stoves, you must follow to get the maximum advantage out of a wood stove:

It is always better to get professional help for installing the wood stove. In the beginning, you might not see any problem with the working of the stove, however, once a problem arises, it can become the terrible, serious cause factor of a house fire. Therefore, in order for your family’s safety, don’t try to install it by yourself. It is so dangerous.

Moreover, assure having a chimney for each wood burner. If you are installing a stove at the place where the fireplace was built, do not forget to check out how old the chimney is before attaching the stove pipe. If the chimney was built decades ago, there are chances that it may not be up to the present safety standards.

In addition, you should consider the layout of your house and lifestyle of your familywhile placing a wood stove. As the stove will heat its direct surroundings, it will be better to install it in a space where all of you spend most of the time.

Then, be clear about the minimum clearance requirements before placing wood burning stoves. The distance of the wood stove from the surrounding walls and floors will depend upon the following factors:

1. Are walls and floors combustible?

2. Certification of the stove and its manufacturing as per safety requirements.

3. Do you want to install heat shields on the combustible walls?

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