Monday, 19 September 2011

Ways Of Improving Old Wood Stoves’ Efficiency

When a wood burning stove become old and it can’t be more efficient than previous, what should you do? Most homeowners would concern this problem very much. In effect, you can find some ways to make your wood burning stoves more efficient to capture more heat from every piece of wood that is burned.

Here are some suggestions and tips for YOU.

Firstly, use a fan to circulate the heat. As we all known that, old wood-burning stoves just radiate heat into the area where they reside. If now, you use a fan, it can push the heat around the room, distributing the warm air to make the stove a much more efficient heating device. This is a good advice for you. You’d better to think over.

Secondly, burn hard woods instead of soft woods. Softwoods like pine take up the same amount of space as a hardwood like oak but burn faster.Moreover, burn seasoned dried firewood, because wet firewood uses its own heat to dry the wood and loses efficiency in the process.

Thirdly, keep the vents open to allow a cleaner and hotter burn. An ideal burn can be checked at the chimney. If there is a pillowing of smoke from the chimney, the burn is incomplete and you are wasting fuel and efficiency. A slight wisp of smoke or no smoke at all is a sign of a complete and hot, efficient burn.

Then, don't burn garbage, plastic or anything other than wood in an old wood stove. These items can dampen the flames, release a lot of ash and deposit creosote in the chimney.

Next, start the fire in the wood stove with small pieces of kindling.

I hope that these ways or suggestions can be helpful to improve the efficiency of wood stoves.

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