Thursday, 8 September 2011

What Is a Buck Stove?

Have you ever heard of the buck stove? This is my first time of hearing this name, so I surf the internet. I know that, at the present, a common term for stoves made by the Buck Stove Company of Spruce Pine, NC, the original Buck Stove was an developed and improved wood fired cook stove patented by Darius Buck in 1839. The Buck Stove was the focal point of a hotly contested patent rights case. The case was complicated by the assertion that the Buck Stove was actually based on the inventions of Solomon Crowell.

Do you have buck stove at your home? I learn from the internet that, the Buck Wood Stove is designed to heat your home comfortably either as a primary heat source or a supplementary heat source, depending upon the type of stove and the size house you have. There are many various types in stoves, however the main operation for all of them is the same.
Here, if you want to operate your wood burning stoves at its highest efficiency for safety as well as comfort, you can have a view on these things.

1. Have a check your wood stove before building a fire to make sure there is a good smoke escape.

2. Twist up two or three pieces of newspaper and place them on the floor of the fire chamber, after you have decided that there are no preventers to the airflow in the chimney.

3. Strike a match and light the newspaper at both sides and in the middle for an even burn.

4. Add larger pieces of firewood that are closer to 6 inches in diameter on top of the bed of glowing coals before they have a chance to cool down.

5. Feed the fire as the wood burns.

6. Turn on the room air blower, if so equipped, when the fire is steadily burning to distribute the heat more efficiently.

Moreover, there are others you should pay attention. If you’d like, you can search and you will get more articles on safety and efficiency of stoves.

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