Friday, 9 September 2011

We can’t live without stoves

I can remember that, when our parents built our house, they decided not to put a furnace in. Without a furnace, we wouldn't need to put in duct work (we don't have central air either) which would save money with building expenses, all of us think.

However, now, we change our original thought. Heating with wood would also save quite a bit on heating bills. So we make a research and purchased a wood burner a month ago. It sits right in the middle of the house to help the heat be evenly distributed. Moreover, in order to move heat around well, we install some ceiling fans in the living room, kitchen, and 3 bedrooms to help move heat around as well.

At current, our wood stove does a great job heating the house. In fact, I am usually cold when I go visit other people's houses in the winter.

Large wood stoves can heat over 2000 square feet with no problem. I did some research, checked out several websites and made a list of some well-praised wood burning stoves you will want to look at.

The first one if Oxford wood stove. This stove has optional top or rear flue exits and is supplied with a 5" diameter flue connector. A multi-fuel grate, ash pan tool and user manual are also supplied with the stove. This powerful unit has a modern look combined with the latest Wood Burning Technology. The max output is 6.5kw. It is fitted with German made "SCHOTT" brand high temperature glass.

The second is the Coseyfire View wood burning stoves. Its efficiency can reach to 73% and an airwash system. Moreover, multi-fuel riddling grate include for the burning of coal and wood.

Finally, if you are interested, you can have a look.

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