Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why not a wood stove?

In the recent years, we are well aware of the gas and electricity prices shooting up. What does it means? Does it mean the gas and electricity stoves are out of date and are not favored by people? My answer is ‘yes’.
People begin to prefer the wood stove than gas or electricity stoves in order for the energy saving. This is one of reasons that wood burning stoves become so popular.

Maybe, some individual would say that, the wood stove really saves money for us, but burning firewood still releases CO2, what about the environment? Yes, however, once we purchase the wood stove, that means that we need more trees to provide us the woods for be burned. Therefore, we have to plant more trees. And each tree we plant will absorb the same amount released from burning the firewood.

Wood is renewable resource in the fact that we can plant more trees, so there is nothing wasted if we use the wood stove. Have you found that, this is a win-win.

Modern wood burner stoves are highly efficient, environmental friendly and whole lot cheaper to run comparing with your conventional heating system.

If giving me a chance to choose, I would choose the wood stoves without doubt, it has never been such an easier choice. If you’re a house maker in a large family, you can’t miss it. Make your house and every one’s heart warm at the same time. You can do it.

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  1. I bought one of these heat exchangers from ChimneyHeaters.com and it is Stainless Steel. The rest of the pipes in my house are Copper and some plastic. I get a tremendous amount of heat from this thing and I am worried that it will melt the copper or plastic tubing.

    The heat coming out of the Chimney Heater is about 190f does anyone know if this is to hot for the copper or Plastic pipes in my House?