Friday, 16 September 2011

A Stove Problem

“I think the cost of stove is too high for my blood and the lack of installers in my area, however, I am really considering putting in multi burning stoves to my house.” A few days ago, I saw such a question on the internet.

And I also saw another question, “I've always wanted a stove. I'm looking at different methods and different locations of installation.”

For me, I have a stone fireplace and I've heard of folks using a wood stove inside with a heat-based fan to shoot some of the heat into the room, however, I still like to use the fireplace for decorative heat. I've also considered if it's possible to install a wood stove next to the fireplace and simply run the flue into the chimney. I don’t know whether this is legal, safe, or possible.

What I've seen my friend do in his house, he has a wood stove in the unfinished basement with a venting tile to the kitchen area directly above the wood stove. Then if I was to vent another portion of the house, the hot air from the wood stove will heat my basement, dry out the basement, Then I have an open vent somewhere else, the cold air will drop into the basement and I'll get this convection.

I think the basement idea is the way to go. If I was to put the stove in the basement, I'd simply run the flue through the upper foundation to the outside.

So the suggestion I gave two the persons above is to purchase a wood burner, which save you much fuel and is environmentally friendly.

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