Thursday, 29 September 2011

A few factors to be considered while planning to buy a stove

If you are planning on purchasing a wood stove in this fall, or you want to replace the old wood burner at your home, here are a few factors to be considered while planning to buy a stove.

Buy quality. This will guarantee it is durable. Here, a quick way to find out if you are buying a durable wood burner or fireplace is to look at the material thickness and the overall weight of the product. Most wood stoves available today are quite decent - and, in effect, most are even better than that!

Buying a wood stove is not like buying a sports car where you look for small and light to give you better performance. A heavier built stove will indicate durable long lasting construction which is exactly what you want in a wood burning product.

Moreover, consider the stove materials, as most shoppers will soon discover, there are three popular stoves with various materials:
a. Steel stoves
b. Cast iron stoves
c. Soapstone stoves
Choose one you like and also in the range of your budget. Be aware that in the world of stoves, money spent DOES NOT equal longevity nor extra efficiency (in most cases). It is more comparable to the world of automobiles, where a budget car can last as long or longer than a top of the line model. When you spend more in the stove market, you are usually doing so for style and extra features such as enamel, top loading, larger glass area, blowers, etc.

The last factor I believe that you would consider, especially for women, that is the style of stoves for sale. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it also may be in the wallet! However, style is a major consideration in most stove purchases. The stove is being installed in a living space, and so becomes a piece of furniture that is seen by you, your family and your guests.

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